Sustainability of Hanwha Life

Sustainability of Hanwha Life

Adding value to the lives of our customers, Your steadfast partner, Hanwha Life
Hanwha Life established in 1946, is the very first life insurance company in the Republic of Korea and it has led the development of the insurance industry and protected the health and happiness of Korean citizens. Based on our strong customer-centered management philosophy and our own unique competitiveness, we are expanding the value of insurance to enrich the lives of customers and further fulfill our corporate social responsibility as we grow alongside our stakeholders.

ESG Strategy

We have established and are working to implement an ESG management strategy for 2022. Our ESG strategic goal of “Green Life 2030 for sustainable tomorrow”, includes three strategic directions: “Internalization of environmental protection and eco-friendly management”, “Practicing social responsibility and sharing”, and “Establishing sound and transparent governance”. Under these three strategic directions, we have identified strategic tasks for our efforts to promote ESG management and create ESG value.

ESG Strategy 관련이미지

  • Reinforcement of Sustainable Management Focus placed on plrtecting the environment, fulfilling social responsibility, and achieving sound corporate governance
  • Vision "A financial service provider that offers solutions for diverse problems in life while advancing economic prosperity"
Creating economic value
Responding to diverse changes in the overall environment of the industry, securing competitveness, and practicing responsible investment for asset mannagement
  1. Product development
  2. Advancing channels
  3. Digital innovation
  4. Asset management
  5. Overseas opertion
Creating social value
Creating greater social value based on the of ourbusiness and serving as a social safety net by supporting the resolution of social issues
  1. Social contribution management
  2. Product creating social value
  3. Consumer-centered management
  4. talent management
  5. Win-Win management
  6. human rights management
Shifting to gren finance
Estblishing an environmental management system and engagin in diverse activities to combat climate change
  1. Environmental management
  2. GHG emissions reduction
  3. Environmental impact reduction
  4. Environmental awrensess enhancement
Achieving sound corporate governance
Seeking to achieve growth amidst rapid changes based on sound govemance and robust management practices
  1. Corporate governance
  2. Ethics and compliance mannagement
  3. Risk management
  4. Infomation security
  5. Stakeholder engagement