Overseas Social Contribution Activities

Overseas Social Contribution Activities by HLI
  • Providing health insurance cards to the needy
  • Building homes for underprivileged families
  • Supporting education
    • Renovation of schools and preschools
    • Donation of teaching/ learning supplies
  • Supporting education
    • Development and distribution of education modules
    • Teacher training and mentoring
  • Fund-raising activities
  • Blood donation campaigns
  • Environmental protection campaigns

Helping Hand Reaching Out to the World

The sharing of HLI goes beyond the national borders. In Vietnam, the local affiliate has carried out steady social contribution activities including blood donation and provision of school supplies and relief goods. As of 2015, HLI has renovated and donated 148 homes, schools, and kindergartens for the disadvantaged through a project called “Building Houses with Compassion,” helping to improve the quality of living of them. HLI Vietnam also supported the vulnerable by delivering 18,622 pieces of health insurance cards and donating community health center which HLI construct, enabling them to receive health care benefits. In Indonesia, the local affiliate of HLI offered the leadership development course, and started local campaigns on the Java Island designed to assist local underprivileged adolescents with capacity building and promoting self-confidence to encourage them to lead their own lives. In China, Sino-Korea Life Insurance Co., Ltd, established in 2012, has engaged in various volunteer activities including serving the senior in the region, conducting fund-raising activities and a blood drive to help the people of Sichuan to recover from the Sichuan earthquake, offering free insurance to children with congenital heart defect and to those willing to engage in rescue operations for children, and carrying on the environmental protection campaigns.