Talent Management

  • HRD system with a global focus
  • Nurture the best and the brightest to have a specialized area
  • Maintain competitive compensation and employee benefits
  • Produce World-class experts
Systematic HRD Mechanism

HLI is concentrating human resource development (HRD) efforts on cultivating insurance sales specialists, leaders per target client group, area-specific experts, and global insurance experts, in order to secure top-quality personnel who fit our vision and concept of an ideal employee.

HLI has a systematic HRD mechanism in place that covers the entire spectrum of our workforce, from the entrylevel employees to the senior executives. The focus of our HRD is communicating our corporate strategy and core values with our employees, and reinforcing the leadership and job skills desired in the workforce. In particular, HLI runs a special training program, in which new recruits will receive various sorts of education and have hands-on experience for considerable periods of time, in order to help the new comers find their place in the organization and adapt to their duties early on. In addition, HLI operates the Innovation Program to reflect changes in the insurance business in and out of Korea and to nurture innovative talents from a longterm point of view. HLI also makes investment in each business area to strengthen their capability and runs enrichment system to nurture B2B business specialists and underwriting experts. For the employees’ self-guided learning, HLI provides cyber education, self-learning materials, and other diverse forms of support. We also encourage our employees to pursue professional certificates and post-graduate degrees related to their job functions. All employees of HLI are making an every effort to improve themselves all the time to provide differentiated service with our customers.

Capacity Building Programs and Sales Support for FPs

HLI’s FP training system offers diverse education and training programs for FPs with different levels of experience. For the entrylevel FPs, it provides the introductory financial planning course as well as area specific courses, helping them grow into specialists in protection insurance, retirement pension planning, financial planning, and other specific areas. For experienced FPs, HLI offers VIP marketing and new market strategy courses, and an annual vision-planning workshop where FPs can renew their focus each year. HLI’s FPs can acquire knowledge and information on products, sales process, and consulting capacity building, anywhere, anytime via diverse media including the in-house educational broadcasting, cyber learning center, and mobile education system.

Additionally, HLI develops and provides useful IT solutions for FPs such as the insured asset analysis software, which shows the details of a customer’s insurance coverage in a neat graphic, and other financial planning tools. HLI’s mobile sales system allows our FPs to handle insurance contracts via a tablet PC anywhere, anytime.

Well-Organized Programs Nurturing Global Leaders

HLI operates a global education curriculum consisting of global competency and foreign language courses as well as overseas training, to secure financial experts equipped with global capabilities. In particular, the highest preforming employees are offered global capacity-building courses on business administration and their respective specialization as well as language training.

Our global education package is comprised of junior, senior, global, and regional expert courses, and opportunities to pursue a domestic and/or international MBA. HLI’s language training suite offers lectures in classrooms, online, and via telephone. At the same time, HLI sends employees to participate in international seminars, workshops, and academic conferences as well as to conduct benchmarking, so that they could broaden their global horizons.

A Happy Workplace Promoting Work-Life Balance

HLI endeavors to maintain the most competitive employee compensation and benefits in the industry, in order to provide the employees with a sense of fulfillment at work and stability at home. Our employee benefits include employee housing, regular medical check-ups, stays in hotels and resorts, allowances for significant family events, tuition support, group insurance, grants for working condition improvement, refreshment leave, half-day off, and prenatal check-up leave, and many other selective employee benefits.

For female employees who are pregnant or have children, HLI provides the “Moms’ Package,“ a comprehensive program supporting working moms’ during pregnancy, childbirth, and childrearing. Besides providing expectant mothers with maternity essentials, the package allows those who suffer from subfertility or infertility or who need to have prenatal diagnosis, to have their leave anytime they need to visit hospitals, and prevents female employees who gave birth from working overtime for a year after childbirth.