Domestic Social Contribution Initiatives

Domestic Social Contribution of HLI
Domestic initiatives
  • HLI Happy Friends
  • HLI World Children’s Go Championship
  • Happy Economics Class/Library
  • HLI Arts Plus
  • University Students’ Volunteer Corps for Economics Education
Lives to protect together
  • Moms’ Care for infants/toddlers
  • Healing Camp for chronic renal insufficiency patients
  • Dodam-dodam Preemies Support Center
Community to help to prosper together
  • One-Company-One-Village partnership
  • City-Country Link of Life
  • Emergency relief for disasters
  • Promotion of local communities’ traditional culture
Great art and culture for everyone
  • Seoul International Fireworks Festival
  • Mental Health Drama Festival
  • Touring Music Concert for the Youth
  • Symphony Festival

A Healthy world where every life is respected

Hanwha Life runs diverse youth programs to support the generation that will lead the world in the days to come. "Hanwha Happy Friends" is a youth volunteer group together with World Vision and host the "World Children's Go Championship," the world's largest children's Go match joined by children from all over the world. In addition, we operate the "Happy Economics Classroom/Library" and "University Student Volunteers for Economics Education" to inculcate a sound economic perception in young people. We also run "Hanwha Arts Plus," a culture and arts education program for children of low-income households together with the Korea Mecenat Association. Hanwha Life also operates programs in support of the socially underprivileged, such as the "Family Healing Camp" for patients with chronic kidney disease and their families and "Mom's Care," a program to support the healthy growth of infants in child welfare centers. Another project is called "DodamDodam Support Center" designed to help infants with extremely low birth weights and their caregivers based at Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital.

Hanwha Life is also engaged in efforts to promote the development of rural areas in the country: The "One Company, One Village Sisterhood Alliance" project is intended to pursue a win-win growth of cities and rural areas by creating local communities for better livelihood. We also provide relief goods and disaster relief activities for disaster-stricken areas and contribute to local development by supporting traditional culture festivals organized by localities.

Last but not least, Hanwha Life is dedicated to creating an environment for cultural activities that can be enjoyed and appreciated by every member of society:The "Seoul International Fireworks Festival" attracts more than 3 million spectators every year. Our "Mental Health Theater Festival" raises awareness for the mentally disabled people and their families. Other culture and arts events include the "11 a.m. Concert" and "Hanwha Classic."