Risk Management

Integrated risk management system
  • PreventionEnhance stability
  • ManagementRespond effectively
  • EvaluationProtect trustworthiness
Integration Risk Management System
HLI is equipped with a companywide integrated risk management system to evaluate uncertainties in the financial market and our business environment and prevent risk factors. We have the Risk Management Committee, the Risk Management Council, and the Risk Management Team in our risk management organization, and they are independent from any internal and external influences. In addition, HLI has a systematic risk management process as well as related systems in place.
Effective Risk Management Strategy
Our top priority in risk management is to enhance the stability of the customer assets by comprehensively managing diverse risk factors for the product and asset management. For an effective risk management, HLI established the permissible limits of risk exposure, and pursue investment strategies focusing on a comprehensive assets and liabilities management (ALM). Accordingly, HLI plans and runs mid- and long-term target portfolios of assets in consideration of the cash flows of the liabilities.
Systemic Management by Risk Type

Hanwha Life classifies risks that the life insurance business may entail into specific types and sets permissible limits which are adjusted on a regular basis.

Monitoring and analysis results are reported and shared on time.

The key risk types we manage are: insurance risk, interest rate risk, credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, and reputation and operational risk. We effectively respond to other types of risk as well, such as high-risk assets and overseas assets. by setting up separate management standards.

BCM International Standard Certification

In 2013, Hanwha Life became the first Korean life insurer to obtain ISO22301, the international standard for business continuity management (BCM).

The certification evaluates a company’s capability to restore its core operation system, in the shortest timeframe possible, in case of natural disasters and other catastrophic events to maintain a certain level of business continuity. Since 2011, we have been conducting an enterprise-wide BCM project to establish a global-standard risk management system. The ISO22301 certification represents an international recognition of Hanwha Life's reliability.