Asset Management

Stability and Profitability Enhancement through Effective Asset Management

Consolidation of Profit Bases Through Investment Diversification

Departing from a conventional asset portfolio, HLI pursues to increase the portion of overseas investment in its asset portfolio, while it continues to seek stable alternative opportunities for investment including infrastructure. At the same time, HLI makes every effort to maximize profits within the allowed risk limits, by pursuing the optimal asset allocation strategy. We actively cope with the low-interest domestic market conditions and flexiblychange the portions of stocks in its asset portfolio, based on changes in dividend attractiveness and improvement of corporate performance.

Steady Reinforcement of Risk Management Capability

HLI has steadily enhanced the dependability of our asset portfolio through strict risk management processes. By maintaining a significant portion of interest-bearing assets, HLI is endeavoring to secure a more stable investment returns in spite of market fluctuations.

Reduced Operating Risk and Improved Transparency

HLI strictly divides the “front-office“ and “back-office“ functions of our asset management division so as to minimize operating risks. The company also established a constant monitoring system for our risk management, compliance management, and other associated processes in order to ensure transparent asset management practices.

HRD for Global Asset Management Competency

HLI attracts the best and brightest, both at home and abroad, to successfully lead HLI in global competition. We nurture our staff into top-notch asset management specialists with global asset management proficiencies.

Continuous Investment to Establish World-Class Infrastructure

HLI has been investing in IT infrastructure and process improvement for each and every area including asset allocation, management, review, and risk management in order to maximize asset management capabilities.