Insurance Sales

Our sales capacity creates a greater value for our customers

Customer-centric Sales Philosophy & System

Insurance sales at Hanwha Life is entirely customer-centered. Throughout the entire value chain from product development to sales, management, and payment, we aspire to be a "life companion" adding more value to customers' lives.

Products Accommodating Customer Needs

Hanwha Life conducts granular analysis on the ever-shifting insurance landscape as well as customers' interests and lifestyle, such as health, retirement, and investment, to build a product portfolio that meets both the market trend and customer needs.

Top-tier Competitiveness of HLI FPs

Hanwha Life invests in and provide adequate support to nurturing our 20,000 financial planners(FPs) into the industry's best financial consultants. We continue to strengthen the competitiveness of the exclusive channel by constantly improving our FP training system and setting up the best-in-class compensation system and work environment for our FPs.

We offer diverse channels available to our customers anywhere, anytime

Financial Planner (FP)

The FPs are Hanwha Life's flagship distribution channel, which accounts for 51% of total new contracts (based on initial monthly premiums in 2015). Our FPs are ever-evolving into a more competitive sales organization based on customer-oriented products, 570 branches nationwide, and differentiated services.

Group Financial Planner (GFP)

GFPs originally started out as a sales channel targeting schools, public servants, and private companies. Now, GFPs are transforming into a highly efficient organization providing high value-added consulting services, such as seminar marketing for professionals and CEO marketing for mid-sized companies.

General Agency

GAs sell insurance products through large-scale general agencies with a nation-wide sales network and other insurance agency models. As a distribution channel capable of proactively responding to the ever-changing financial environment and customer needs, Hanwha Life's GAs are currently recognized as the most competitive channel in the market.


Since the bancassurance business was launched in September 2003, HanwhaLife has been partnering with multiple institutions in the banking and non-banking sectors, gaining foothold as the leading insurer in the market. Our Bancassurance channel will continue to offer customer-oriented products and best-in-class services and lead the recent competitive paradigm of financial convergence.


As the first major life insurance company in Korea, Hanwha Life launched an Insurance service offered exclusively online. Mainly targeting people in their 20s and 30s, who are accustomed to e-commerce and show rational consumption behavior, the service provides essential insurance products at reasonable premiums through a simple subscription process.

A Specialized Organization Leading in Customer Satisfaction
zand the Advancement of Insurance

Customer Centers

HLI runs 41 customer centers at which a customer can be assisted with information on insurance, funds, trusts, loans, and other financial affairs, and receiving the FPs’ comprehensive financial planning service in a single visit. Guided by the “3-S“ (Speedy, Sharp, and Soft) principle, HLI customer centers pursue the ultimate in customer satisfaction. Offering diverse seasonal events and inviting spaces for consulting and resting, the HLI customer centers make a visit a delightful experience.

HLI Insurance Research Center

With the goal of becoming the No.1, young and strong research center that is versed in the industry, HLI Insurance Research Center performs studies on insurance, finance, and retirement issues, such as the analysis of the domestic and international insurance markets, analysis and prediction of the capital markets, studies on retirement, and joint research with other institutions, in order to fully support the company’s sales efforts.

Financial Advisory Centers

Financial Advisors (FAs) are top-tier financial experts who provide comprehensive wealth management services ranging from investment, tax, and real estate, to inheritance/gift to children, risk management, and retirement plans, as well as consulting on health, children’s education, donation, and etc. with our VIP customers. Our FAs (Financial Advisors) and VIP Consulting Managers provide comprehensive and professional “total life care” services(T.L.C Service), enhancing VIP customers’ satisfaction.

HLI Human Resources
Development Center

The HLI Human Resources Development Center opened on January 1, 1998 as an incubator for globally capable financial specialists. The Center’s cutting-edge training program offered both online and offline support for globally-minded and result driven financial experts with a thorough understanding of the insurance market, who will ultimately, play a key role in HLI.