Customer-focused Management

Companywide customer-focused management system

At HLI the sole focus of all our business activities is our customers.

Our hard-working employees increase the value of our customer service by putting all their effort into the way they work and act every day. In 2013, we announced “HLI's Promises to Customers“ in a bid to create a customer-centered corporate culture. At the same time, HLI designed the Customer-focused Management Framework consisting of three parts: “institution,“ “organization,“ and “education“. In order to promote the customer’s interest and improve customer service quality, HLI carried out restructuring of the organization including the creation of the Consumer Protection Team.

Supreme services for the insurance customers

Customer convenience is another top priority at HLI, and in 2007, we introduced the “FP, At Your Doorstep“ service, the first of its kind in the industry. When a customer suffers an accident that will be covered by HLI insurance, an FP visits the customer to offer consulting services and assists them with submitting claims.

As of 2015, some 440,000 customers used the service which is offered with availability of an average time frame of within three days. At the same time, HLI made the Claims Review Center to be in charge of the claims payment process to make it more consistent, accurate, and swift.

Online/Mobile Counters and Channels of Communication

HLI runs online counters and mobile centers for our insurance customers.

Customers can check their insurance contracts, make payments/withdrawals and insurance claims, take out a loan against insurance, buy funds and trusts, or manage personal information and get certificates issued on the HLI homepage and mobile app. In December 2013, HLI launched the ‘Online Message Archives’ that allows a customer to search and read various messages sent to them via post and email anytime. In addition, we provide the HLI Insurance Guide and the HLI Service Manual to new customers, and the CS Letters with financial and lifestyle information, e-Newsletters with HLI insurance information, and FP letters to existing customers.

Customer Protection Reinforcement

Our endeavors for customer protection continued in 2014. Sorisem, the former VOC system, was upgraded in 2013 into an integrated VOC management system called “Talk-Talk.“ Through the upgraded system, HLI addresses customer complaints in an efficient manner and uses the collected VOC data to enhance the companywide customer protection practices. The company completed the encryption of the customers’ personal information and further restricted the access to it, in order to better protect the customers’ privacy. HLI also secured an external recognition of our customer protection mechanism by gaining the ISO27001 Information Security Management System certification.

Distinct Services to Satisfy Customer Needs

HLI is committed to developing distinct services for our unique customers and their needs. We provide diverse health care services to our Whole Life, CI, and Annuity Insurance customers including convenient medical services and provision of healthcare information. For the VIP customers, HLI operates the VIP Call Center as well as other premium services and benefits such as total wealth management and anniversary celebration. The ‘Building a Happy Workplace’ program is HLI’s service for corporate and publicsector customers that provides HLI’s CS education program and lecture series so that those companies and government agencies can improve the satisfaction of their own customers as well as employees.

Communications with Customers

HLI maintains diverse channels of communication with our customers.

Our Call Centers in Seoul, Busan, and Daejeon offer product information and handle customers’ applications for claims and policy loans as well as other insurance-related affairs through representatives and ARS. On average, 95% of the customer’s calls are answered within 20 seconds, and results in the HLI Call Centers providing an industry leading level of services. HLI operates the Customer Panel System and conducts the Focus Group Interview (FGi) so as to learn our customers’ needs directly and to reflect our customers’ point of view in HLI’s every operation. The Customer Panel evaluates our service quality and customers’ satisfaction level, and shares ideas for new products and services.

The opinion, suggestions and needs of customers grasped by the customers are being reflected in HLI’s management scheme to improve the business operations. At the same time, HLI provides diverse information, and studies the interests and trends of the younger generation through SNS channels such as a blog, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

Domestic and International Recognitions of HLI’s Customer-Focused Management

HLI’s customer-focused management is being highly recognized at home and abroad. The company won the Korea Service Grand Prix for five consecutive years since 2010 and received the CCM Certification for five times in a row since 2007. HLI’s Customer Centers and Call Centers have ranked No. 1 in the Korean Service Quality Index (KSQI) survey’s customer center category for six years in a row since 2010 and in the call center category for four years in a row since 2012, respectively. In addition, HLI became the first life insurer that obtained the CMMI Level 3 and ePRIVACY and PIPL (Personal Information Protection Level) certification for its Excellence In Information Security And Customer Privacy Protection.